Are Metal fans stupid?

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Uncategorized


Metal music fans among the non-metal circles are thought of as uneducated.  We might have long hair, tattoos and dress in black and when in our native environment be in the throws of some form of mind alteration to get prepared for the shows of the night.  This stigma is unfounded for the most part.  Lets be honest, you can throw a dart into any crowd and hit stupid.  But metal music is more than max decibles and mosh pits.

Metal musicians have to wear many hats.  Most musicians start out as techs of one form or another.  Techs may tune the instruments, configure the sound board or set up the lighting.  Musicians must know how to compose, write and perform as well as making sure that everything is ready when the curtain goes up.  In the many interviews that we have done with some metal legends as well as newcomers; one thing we find constant is the level of intelligence that these musicians possess.

In conversation we find that most are classically trained and have been playing some sort of instrument since they were in elementary school.  Many metal artists we talk to have post-graduate degrees.  I find that metal music is intricate and detailed with many levels of application and you have to be somewhat educated to appreciate the time, effort and delivery of these works of art.  As I dodge the rabid fans in the circle pit I am amazed at the freedom that is being expressed by the true fans of metal music.  Between sets, we get to meet and talk to the same bulls that were knocking people over in the pit and engage in intelligent conversation about the music we all just listened too.  History is tossed around about the beginning of metal, who is playing with this band and what band they used to play with.  Song titles, years of releases, where they toured.  These aren’t the musings of an idiot.  These are exchanges between educated people that share a common thread that we call metal.  Posers are weeded out quickly.  You do not have to have long hair or dress in black or have leather wrist bands studded with spikes to be let into this club.  The only thing you need to bring is your appreciation for the craftsmanship it takes to put on a great metal show.  Those that look down on metal heads and pull their children in tight when we walk by stand in judgement for one reason:  They are stupid.  And you just can’t fix stupid.

  1. Well said man! So many times it seems that these bad ass rock stars are often the highly intelligent ones.

  2. I am so excited to hear someone do a real blog about this subject! So many of my musician friends and artists that I work with on a day to day basis are on the extreme end of intelligence. It is something to think about, just where and how they got to be who they are in life. Every person who follows their creative dream utilizes more of their brain power than one who does simply what is needed to do to get by in life. I have found that over time those same people who live a mundane life are nothing more than jealous of those who are out working towards an actual accomplishment. The fact of the matter is that music is one of the most expensive careers to be in. In order for someone to be in a higher caliber band they must be able to afford the instruments, the travel expenses, and all of the cost that simply goes behind advertisement. That leaves one option for most of the musicians (job on the side that can pay for their basics) metal heads and rockers still have to pay bills. Only a small percent of them have someone paying their way. In turn most of them must be strategic and think more along the lines of financial aspects than your every day joe. Just saying, life isn’t easy when your doing something you love so why should they get the short end of the stick by other peoples judging. Amen to this blog!

    • tazz420 says:

      Yvonne, we have been pleasantly surprised by the dynamic difference artists are off stage as opposed to the onstage persona. Metal artists get so little attention for the pure artistry that they produce. It is our mission to show the intelligent side of metal music not to make it mainstream but to help share its genius with those that may have not given it a chance. It is a tough task but I think that we are up to it! Thanks for commenting. This is our first blog entry and we hope to have many more that incite thought and spirited debate among music lovers. Tazz

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