Goodbye Dr. Feelgood

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Uncategorized


Motley Crue announced that it would tour for one final time and signed a contract stating that after that they would dis-band.  Finally; a group that knows when to quit.  For a group of guys that are known for poor decision making they nailed this one.  From the first release of “Too Fast For Love” in 1981 until the last of “Saints Of Los Angeles” in 2008, the “Crue” has been through some of the roughest times a band could endure.   From manslaughter to overdosing and almost dying these guys are truly lucky to be alive and kicking.

I would have to question whether the decision to hang up the spandex isn’t really motivated by the declining health of Mick Mars.  Mick has had some near career-ending disabilities but has managed to hang on for quite some time.  I think it is great that this dissolution is unanimous.  This is true brotherhood.  I can’t help but think that if Mick were in better shape that we would be having this discussion.

Infighting caused the departure of Vince Neil in 1992 and the band brought in John Corabi from The Scream as the new front man.  In 1994 they released a self-titled album “Motley Crue” with John at the mic.  This album had its own sound, but it wasn’t Motley Crue.  Generation Swine followed in 1997, again with Corabi to minimal commercial success.  The fans didn’t seem to appreciate the absence of Neil on vocals.

Here ends the history lesson.  Vince Neil returned to the band sometime around 1998, they toured, and traction never returned for the band from the aspect of new material.  With Neil back on vocals, the boys seemed to be having fun playing on stage and watching the shows was still good for the most part.  In an interview recently, Tommy Lee made a profound statement; and I am paraphrasing here but basically he said that they didn’t want to be one of “those” bands that keep playing minus one or more of the original members.  Amen brother!  Very few bands have been able to pull that off and none have been able to do it without it’s fair share of controversy.  We all know that farewell tours only keep popping up in newer and older versions.  Stop it already.  The Crue get it.  Although they have not really had a solid release since Dr. Feelgood in 1989, all previous releases were stellar.  With the image of the guys on their Harley’s cruising Sunset Strip to the sweeping stadium sell outs of the ’80s with girls on shoulders raising their shirts in the crowds, Motley Crue gave us some really memorable times and music to remember them by.   For that, we thank them.  One more monster tour awaits.  Tickets will be hard to score but will be worth it to see the guys one last time.  Goodbye Dr. Feelgood.

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