The Art of Self-Promotion

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

einsteinThe formula for self-promotion success is very simple.  Are you ready?  Here it is; Make sure everyone you know and everyone that knows you knows what you do and where to find out more about you.  As basic as this sounds it seems to be extremely difficult for most artists to understand.  The following bullet points are just some of the things every band/artist should be doing or should already have done.

  • Have a band Facebook page
  • Have a band Twitter account
  • Have a band Instagram account
  • Post requests to everyone of your friends to Like/Follow your page and account
  • Post updates more often than you are currently posting and then post more
  • Ask your friends to ask their friends to Like/Follow your page and account
  • When someone posts about you; i.e. reviews of releases or shows, RE-POST those reviews!  Even if they are bad!  Someone once said, “Bad press is better than no press.”  Post it, comment on it, share it.  Open up a discussion about the review.
  • Make sure that all band members have access to all or at least most of these accounts to better multiply your exposure efforts.
  • Pics, Pics, Pics!  There should always be a steady stream of pics for your followers/fans.  You are either practicing, recording or touring…keep everyone up to date on what is going on.
  • There is a virtual Army of promoters out there that put a lot of time and energy into promoting bands they like and never ask for a cent in return.  Utilize these sources!  They are free and they are writing about you!  Why wouldn’t you re-post/share what they are doing?
  • Follow these promoters on your page so that every time they write or post something about your band you get an update and you don’t miss an opportunity to promote yourself through someone else.
  • Promote those that promote you!  It’s a free pass to say “Hey, look how cool I am!”, through another source without looking like a self-absorbed douche-bag.
  • Accept every opportunity to do interviews at shows for the locals.  These are your cheerleaders after you leave for another city.  If you are pricks to these people they will let everyone know.  Then they won’t buy tickets to your next show, they won’t buy your music and you will end up working as a fry chef at TGI Fridays.
  • If you do post to Facebook or Twitter and your friends/fans take the time to comment, at least take the time to like what they said if not acknowledge that you read these comments.
  • Promote anyone that promotes you!


There are thousands of ways to self-promote.  Most of the DIY bands out there think that DIY means “I set up my own shit man.”  WRONG!  DIY starts with DO IT!  If people are too lazy to accept help from others to promote all of their hard work, then they probably won’t be able to DO IT on their own.   I see bands that will take the time to post a picture of some random junk and write about it yet they won’t take the time to re-post a review of their last show or release.

Promoting is the equivalent of advertising.  Companies spend millions of dollars to advertise.  Coke still advertises and really don’t have to but they do because they understand the critical importance of keeping their brand in front of people.  You are the face of your brand.  Your social media is your advertising and the fact that you do not spend millions to get it doesn’t mean it is not worth millions potentially.

In closing, here is the reality; where ever you are right now in your journey in the entertainment industry, it is exactly where you want to be.  So if you are wondering why you don’t have a bazillion followers or why you are playing to a crowd of 9 crackheads in the middle of nowhere or if you are just plain bitter that everyone is getting more music and ticket sales then you have no further to look than the mirror.  Get off of your DIY ass and DI.

  1. You could not be more right! This was a great piece on self promotion. It goes for anything you want to get out there. Including promoters themselves. If people do not make the effort to show others their gratitude and appreciation no one will do above and beyond for them! I love all of it!

  2. Andy says:

    Yvonne at VQM shared this article with me and I loved the read. I could not agree more and I experience myself that many bands I reviewed would not be bothered sharing the links. Some may forget but I also noticed that many bands (not all thank god) who may have a couple of thousands of FB LIKES do not do so. They probably think they dont need my shit reviews. Maybe my site is too small (but doing my best, I do it for free and I do it as a hobby whenever I find time) but still, it is news right? I try to give each review a positive spin so what is stopping them? Anyhow, it wont stop me from supporting Unknown Metal Bands and to continue writing.

    Keep up the great work!
    Regards, Andy

  3. You would think this would be a no brainer but it seems that this blog couldn’t be more appropriate!

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