Radiodrone – Too good to be true?

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

radiodrone I was recently introduced to Orange County rockers “Radiodrone” and listened with cautious optimism.  Let me be clear, I listened to them first, then watched a couple of rough cell phone videos of local shows.  I was impressed with many things about Radiodrone.  When I listen to unsigned bands I wait for the vocals to hit before I start to form my opinion.  Often I hear some really underwhelming attempt and I find myself struggling to listen to the rest.  In this case, they passed my phase one…I listen on.  The next tell tale sign of under-developed talent is the timing of the drummer.  Phase two; sounding good so far.  Phase three for me is the writing and composition.  Hooks and placement of riffs are not easy to put together to any degree of consistency.  These guys are sounding really good to me.  I am a tough critic.  I see 50 plus shows a year and get asked to write reviews every day.  I am not really into trashing someones efforts but I am not completely adverse to the idea.

Moving through “The Truth Syndicate Diaries” I come to appreciate the effort that was put not only into the musicianship but the political over-tones.  Each song is punctuated by a sub-clip of some geopolitical topic and I found it to be exerted in just the right amount.  With 10 tracks of fist pounding rock interlaced with some slower moments only helps elevate the vocals.  With tracks like “Game Change” that introduce new listeners to “Get Your Head Down”, Radiodrone shows me that they are thinking ahead for the live shows to whip the crowd into a frenzy.  They also know how to slow things down with track 12 “Massive” and do so with a feel like they have been doing this for some time.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear a mouth harp on “We’re Alright”.

For a band that was formed in 2014, I am wondering if they are sand-bagging me on something.  Unsigned?  Really?  I guess I am not surprised in this current climate of what record labels deem “worthy”.  Radiodrone is way ahead of the curve in my opinion.

But wait.  Not so fast.  There is one final phase that they have to pass for me to give my final approval.  How are they live?  Are they what I call a “studio wonder”?  I can’t answer that yet.  From the poorly filmed video that I have seen I do notice that they do have masks, lighting devices on their heads, etc.  There seems to be a lot of effort to put on a show and I can almost appreciate it at this point.  Again, I have not seen them live yet.  I am looking forward to see how they hold up.  If they can manage to hold a crowd with their appearance that equals how talented they sound then they are in for a great ride.  I hope that is the case.  Finally, if that does end up being the case, I do not see them being unsigned for long.  I will look for a time to watch them live and let you know how the final phase plays out.  Stay tuned…                 Tazz –

  1. Great band!! Great Review!

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